Beginners Level consists of three Stages/Phases where the children learn the basic skills of: PUTTING, CHIPPING and THE GOLF SWING. As they move from Stage One to Stage Two they learn to improve their skill across short and long game. They will go through an evaluation before they go to the next Stage. At Stage Three on couse playing lesson will be included and they would also play in groups. Our aim at this level is to create an ENTHUSIASTIC GOLFER. The program across the Three Stages be have three playing sessions per week which will be either lesson or practice sessions. In the event that a session is washed out due to rain or other things beyond our control, that session will be re-scheduled. Touche Golf School Enroll

Children will also learn about the History of the Game & Rules of Golf and Etiquette. Dress Codes will be implemented strictly because it may affect the future playing rights of the child. Graduation in the Beginners Level will require the child to achieve the following:

  • Putting : Can make two putts from Twelve Feet. Is able to make 50% of putts from 4 feet
  • Chipping : Is able to play a Low running Chip as well as Pitch the ball with a higher trajectory
  • Golf Swing: Has the ability to play irons as well as woods
  • Has been introduced to Playing on the Course

This level is for the children who have graduated from the Beginners Level and/or for children who have attended to Golf Coaching elsewhere on a selection basis invited to join. Children who are ENTHUSIASTIC GOLFERS will be encouraged to enrol. At this level we will continue to build on their skills they will be able to perform the same skills at a better level of play. Children will start playing more on the golf course.

Touche Golf School Enroll There will be three playing sessions per week which will be either lesson or practice sessions and on the altern- ate days. Intermediate Level Juniors will be encouraged to participate in Monthly Junior Tournaments. Some of them will also participate at South Zone Junior events.At the Intermediate Level they will also be introduced to Analysis and Course Management. It is at this level that juniors may start showing the first signs of ability and potential.

Touche Golf School Enroll This level is for children who have started playing tournaments at Zonal/National level and are ranked at Zonal level in the Top Ten. At this level Juniors will be competing at Zonal and National Level Tournaments. They will get more attention from the Director of Instruction. At this level, focus will be on the scoring ability apart from specific skill development. The Physical Fitness Program will become more intensive and Juniors will also be introduced to Mind Coach who will start training their minds alongside Yoga and Meditation. 3Diamentional Biometric Swing Analysis and Club Fitting will be introduced at this Level.

This level is for Nationally Ranked Top Five. They have started or are at the threshold of playing for India. The Elite Level Juniors will be amongst the best ranked Juniors in India and therefore their program is based on their needs and CUSTOMISED. The Elite Program is an intensive program and requires Juniors to spend more hours in Training, Practice and in Competing at different Tournaments across the country as well as outside the country. Juniors will travel at this level and their schools will have to support them. Vacation Camps Primarily used for introducing children to the game. Also an opportunity for children already playing golf to attend and be fitted into our program at an appropriate level.

Touche Golf School Enroll Please complete the Player Enrollment Form and submit to us and our staff will contact you and or call for appointments.