Club Fitting Lab


Our dedicated Club Fitting Lab is agnostic to all Clubs and will execute fitting based on the FlightScope and SwingLabs integrated report and is fully equipped with fitting tools and equipment supplied by Mitchell Golf, USA, the worlds #1 source of professional grade club repair and fitting supplies. All Mitchell Golf products are engineered, manufactured and assembled at their plant in Dayton, USA.

More about Club Fitting Lab

ools available would encompass a wide array of repair & fitting facilities such as SteelClub Shaft pullers, Swing Weight Scales, Frequency Meters, Loft & Lie machines, Gripping Equipment, Shaft Cutting, Putter Fitting, etc. The Mitchell SteelClub Signature series of equipment and tools have remained the #1 choice for the last 20 years on Tour worldwide.

The Lab would be staffed with qualified experts who have received repair and fitting certifications from Bo Hodnett - a 2nd generation 'Master Club Fitter' from GolfTech Plano, USA . Apart from training and certifying our repair & fitting staff, Mr. Hodnett would personally supervise the set up of the Lab and installation of all fitting equipment and also oversee the entire fitting function as a core technical resource to Touché Golf.