FlightScope is a premier portable indoor-outdoor ball-flight and launch monitor and the world's first-ever 3D tracking radar for golf. A feature-rich device which is far more than just a launch monitor, FlightScope is being discovered worldwide for its advanced technological attributes. Golf retailers, academies, golf equipment manufacturers, clubfitters, collegiate golf programs and green-grass and practice facilities have embraced FlightScope's advanced technology. FlightScope was awarded the GolfTest USA "Seal of Excellence" this year for superior quality, value and performance.

Touché Golf School Highlights

Unlike most launch monitors available today that only analyze launch data, FlightScope becomes the integral part of any instruction and club fitting exercise, as it is able to analyze in detail all the three fundamental aspects of ball tracking, i.e. Club Impact, Ball Flight & Ball Aerodynamics The system is extremely user friendly from a set-up, session and interface perspective, feeding students' and instructors' real time data through detailed reports that are supported by equally comprehensive visual graphics. An entire indoor session of approx. 1 hour would yield students' with statistically mapped data on aspects such as: Clubhead speed & acceleration Ball Trajectory (flight, launch angle, direction, impact angles) Smash Factors and Spin Rates (Back & Side Spin) Virtually tracked Ball Path (avg. carry, lateral distance, estimated roll, shot height, flight time, etc.) that is displayed as a graphic image The data relayed from FlightScope into our Club Fitting Software ensures a very well integrated model that would provide students' with an accurate, consistent and unbiased club selection tool. Nothing is left to chance