Swing Labs


Swing Labs is a specialized dynamic club fitting software that provide totally agnostic, unbiased, and objective 3rd party recommendations on the entire range of golf equipment, from Clubheads, Loft Angles, Shaft Models and even Golf Balls that would best suit a particular player. The swing, ball flight and launch data inputs for the software are provided by our FlightScope Launch Monitor, whose integration makes for an ideal systemized club selection tool at any level of the game.

More about Swing Labs

Studying your launch monitor data, Swing Labs is able to then address the aspect of suitable equipment and equipment specifications from two perspectives Retro Fitting (making physical modifications to existing equipment to best suit a player's swing) Stock Club & Best Club Reports (making recommendations on different models and brands of clubs, shafts, irons and even balls that the system believes would best suit each player) The software prepares a independent club fitting report that could then simply be executed by the player at any fitting lab across the globe, as the reports are extremely straightforward and unaligned to any particular brand. The software is able to fit all brands of equipment with equal ease as it provides dynamic research of equipment and is constantly updated with characteristics and specifications of all major golf equipment manufacturing brands.