SwingView Pro


SwingView Pro is a comprehensive suite of video based swing analysis program and tools which can replay a golfer's swing in real time, slow motion and also frame by frame, supported by upto 4 different camera views, all with the ability of having a full array of drawing tools available for the instructor to illustrate a concept or highlight a particular aspect of the swing.

More about SwingView Pro

The application also provides a complete module for running live swing comparisons on split screens or also full swing overlays thus giving students the ability to actually 'see' even the subtlest of variations in different swings. SwingView Pro also helps with the creation of comprehensive player databases which can constantly be updated with information and videos over time in order to appropriately document the instruction program and observe progress and modifications over time. The input mechanism under the SwingCapture mode allows for either recording of live swings (SwingWatch Live) or uploading of earlier recorded sessions and thus ensures continuity for a player or instructor from an analysis perspective.

Drawing tools and software options available to the instructor helps with various swing parameters like Swing Plane, Club Head Path, Alignment and also the Swing Tempo (time line adjustments between backswing & follow through) The newest addition to the SwingView Pro package is the SwingCoach Live module which brings to the table the ability for instructors to remotely conduct complete lessons over the internet enabling the student access to different coaches across locations. The application software would constantly be updated with newer tools and software options in order for the instruction process to stay upto date with any innovation or development available anywhere in the world.