Touché golf Fitness Testimonials

I got relief from my many years old severe neck problem with the help of Touché golf Fitness Center.this happend due to the skill knowledge and most important , the commitment of the TFC Team. I would not hesitate to any one who needs specialised physio assistance.

- UnniRajgopal   

It's close to four years I have been with Touche fitness center (TFC) and found greater benefits in overall health and well being apart from distance that I gained in my driver. Training that encompasses endurance, performance and flexibility is one of the rare of its kind available in this part of the world. Most often we find in training with one or more covariates and the program provided at TFC is very special. It encompasses all the components which ameliorates physiological and psychological changes. Program with one of its kind focusses on both indoor and outdoor without too much physical stress or pushing extra is important to stay injury free while you gain age to your life. Gain in muscle weight, speed, strengthening and improving centre of gravity are core principles of TFC. Overall this program is well designed medical and clinical stand point and it helped me a lot! I highly recommend all golfers and non-golfers who wants to add life to age!

- Dr Krathish Bopanna   

I've been training at the fitness centre at the Touche Golf School for nearly two years. Coming off of two surgeries my body needed a jump start to get back to my expected fitness levels. Even though I play lots of other sports, Jackson, the head Instructor, was able to identify some significant fitness imbalances that were inhibiting my abilities -- both on and off the golf course. In conjunction with his training as a therapist, his Titliest Performance Institute (TPI) certification give's him a unique and distinct approach to improving rotational stability and power for all active athletes and weekend warriors.!

- Nikhil Raj   

The Instructers at Touche Golf have made my journey so far such a positive and rewarding one! From every work out, I have never left Touche Golf feeling anything short of excited and motivated. Jackson, is there for you every step of the way, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure you are learning about health and also meeting your goals. He instils discipline and also teaches the importance of making eating healthy and exercising a lifestyle change, which I truly believe has made all the difference for me. I was suffering from Ankylosis Spondylitis and after joining the Fitness center at touche Golf, I have brought it under control. Touche Golf believes in healthy ways to lose weight and get fit, and I would recommend it to every one of my friends and family members. It's the best decision I've made all year and I cannot wait to continue on my journey! .

-T S Suresh   

I was always a fitness freak and in this journey tried lot of places including big names in this space. More often landed in getting injuries versus achieving fitness objectives.
I joined Touche Golf for my golf training and found the worthiness of the right fitness center. My association has been over two years and in this period could easily overcome my weakness. Now I understand the importance of right methods viz. warm up, strengthening, stretching, cool down etc.. in a scientific way. On a special note, Jackson helped to recover from my freak accident which injured my knees. Today I am more energetic, sporty and toned. I enjoy my workout and highly recommend Touche fitness for a healthy and happy life.

-Latha Bopanna    

I have been training in Touche golf fitness center for the last two years and found it very useful and my overall fitness has improved significantly in terms of flexibility and strength , the qualified professional Instructors there are really good and give personalised attention thereby making the overall experience truly worthwhile .

-Murali Ganesan