Touché Golf Fitness - "Golf Injuries are common but PREVENTABLE"

Golf is a leisure game and is enjoyable for fit and strong individuals of any age. Golf is a sport that both challenges flexibility and requires high levels of speed and strength; The average golfer typically plays approximately 37 rounds per year and spends many more days practicing ,so it is not surprising that the rate of injuries is on the rise. Golf injuries can be prevented by doing regular fitness regime which includes warm up, stretching, specific strengthening , cool down exercises and recovery exercises. Golf specific exercises are intended to improve your strength and flexibility of the muscles used most during the golf rounds. If you do these specific exercises regularly, not only will your golf scores improve but your general fitness too.

In Golf, injuries usually occur due to two major things:

1. Technical issues

2. Physical limitations.

Technical limitations cannot be reduced without first addressing the physical limitations. Physical limitations are identified by golf specific fitness assessments. Physical limitations vary from person to person. Our TPI certified experts will help to identify the physical limitations of you in golf.

Fitness needs to be done through a 360 degree approach impacting strength, flexibility, power, agility, balance and muscular endurance. All these key factors need to be improved to play good injury free golf. Rehabilitation and recovery is very important across sports to fire the muscles during play as well as to recover from micro-tears of muscles during training. Touché Golf sports physical therapists are highly skilled in evaluation of active and chronic injuries.The hall mark of this practice is the assessment of surgical and non-surgical neuro muscular injuries. This also helps in the functional assessment of the individual post injury to assist in safe return to activity. Our sports physical therapists design and implement programs for the management of the injuries for clients of all ages and physical abilities, as well as those with physical disabilities.

Jackson has been a physiotherapist since the past 7 years and is considered by many golf industry professionals to be an expert in golf fitness.Touche Fitness Expert
Jackson done his bachelor science in physiotherapy from H.O.S.M.A.T College of physiotherapy in 2009. And in 2013 he received a PGDM in sport rehabilitation. In 2015 he acquired the level 2 medical professional certification from Titleist performance institute. Also Jackson holds a certification in functional movement system and basic kinesiology taping technique.
Jackson currently doing his certification in the k-Vest, which is a great tool to analyze the body mechanics during a golf swing.
He has got 6 Years of experience in different field of physical rehabilitation.

Jackson is associated with Touché Golf from 2012 as a fitness therapist.

Jackson Varghese Jacob PT,PGDSR,FMS,MP.(L31113)
Sports physiotherapist, Touché Golf school

Here is what our Students says about him:

Karan taunk:
  • Touché Golf fitness center is one of the best in the country for golf fitness.Under the guidance of jackson.I have become stronger faster and more flexible.This has helped me to become a better golfer.
Kurush heerji:
  • Jackson is an amazing instructor with immense patience and grit.He has been a great personal help for me.He was worked towards reducing my limitations and improving my speed,stamina,flexibility and endurance.His guidance has been a tremendous support and is the back bone of my good health.Apart from being a great instructor he is gem of a person and that's why touche fitness center is the best.
Bala Mithran:
  • Touche fitness center has all the needed equipment's for a golfer to workout. jackson has helped me to improve my stamina level and become more flexible which has helped me to become a better golfer.
Vrushank Balu:
  • I have been with the touche fitness center since the beginning and have been training with jackson .He have helped me to improve my game and fitness level.since i started i have gained muscle mass,improved stability which is really important for golf and my overall fitness level has increased.

In TGS we have world class facilities for Fitness Program.

  • - Well equipped fitness center.
  • - 60 meter track for sprint and agility drill.
  • - 1km stretch of running track around the course.
  • - Dedicated experts and well qualified with international certification.
Our experts run a fitness program with golf specific scientific approach in following program. A high quality service is offered to access the cause of your requirement to achieve a highest level in golfing arena.
1) Junior fitness program :-
junior- Level-1 Beginner
Level-2 Intermediate
Level-3 Advance
In junior fitness program we have kids youngest 5 years old. Specific fitness program is designed in every level. To qualify next level our kids has to go through minimum standard qualifying fitness assessment test with their golf skills.
To make your kid champion and experience world class approach towards golf contact us: -

2)Amateur and Professional golfer’s fitness program: -
Approach towards professional golfers is very high demanding on fitness and recovery. Our fitness teams make sure they full fill each and every requirement of golfer. Every aspect of golfer taken care with dedicated time with our Fitness Expert. To achieve your peak performance and to maintain world class approach towards golf contact us: -

3) Main stream and club level golfers fitness program: -
Our team provides free primary and secondary assessment each and every golfer in India. Our team increasing the awareness and educating them about golf specific fitness program by emphasizing certain routine to follow before, in-between and after golf.
To get started your proper golf routines contact us: -

4) Customized individual program: -
Our fitness team working with: - Top Professional, Top Amateur and lots of club level golfers. All there fitness program is customized individually. In customized program you will go through advance assessment with our fitness expert which will gives overall your current physical standing. To start you customized golf specific fitness program contact us: -

  • Do our warm up routine before practicing
  • Focus on postures of each part of the game i.e. pitching, chipping, putting, iron and driver shots.
  • Reduce the grip pressure unlike other sports golf has a soft grip during swing.
  • Don’t judge with the distance of ball focus on the consistency of ball direction during the Practice swings.
  • Know your physical limitations and then work on the techniques of golf ( TPI assessment ).
  • Concentrate more on short game than the driver shots.
  • Fitness help to improve the technique, consistency and distance in golf swing.
  • Golf fitness is stability and mobility of the joints which is the base line for any sports.
  • Golf injuries are 80percent preventable with the use of right technique and the golf fitness.
  • Know your yardages of each irons, woods and drivers(track man detects your right yardages)
  • Right golf attire improves the efficiency of the practice.

What we do?

Fitness is all about do what you like in life .If someone says you to go for trucking, swimming or climbing steps , you could able to do without much exertion and pain then you are fit enough .we approach fitness as a medicine it must be a routine of our life like a morning brushing routine. Our specific fitness programs help you to understand the wellbeing of health through exercises at any age.

We approach the fitness with advanced therapeutic techniques. Recovery of muscles are the key. Our muscles get tightness through different activities of our daily life. Let it be running, walking, long time sitting or strengthening exercises. These tightness stop the muscles in movements of the joints which leads the overloading and compensatory action of other muscles during the activity. Each muscle of the body has specific actions in joints of our body. The overloading results in joint compression, spasm, sprain and strains. We reduce the muscle tightness through hands-on techniques like trigger point release techniques, foam rolling, stretching exercises, and muscle energy techniques.

We are open to both golfers and non-golfers for a pain and injury free life. Golfers needs to overcome their physical limitations to understand the proper techniques in the golf swing. Our TPI assessment program will help you in identifying the physical limitation in golf swing. Based on the fitness handicap from the TPI assessment we provide you specific routine to overcome the limitations. Golf fitness is the basic fitness of any other sports as it challenges the stability and mobility of joints in the body. Our warm up and cool down routine gives you a better start during golf rounds and golf practices. We suggest all golfers to do our warm up routine exercises before the rounds for an energetic golfing round. Our cool down routine exercise will give you the recovery and relaxation of golfing muscles after the round.

We train muscles through different therapeutic programs include outdoor activities, agility training ,coordination exercises ,motor control training , balance training, flexibility ,cardiothoracic exercises, specific muscle strengthening with dumbbells, barbells ,Thera tubes and Thera bands. We are experts in sports pre-rehabilitation and rehabilitation. Our remarkable feature is the injury free fitness regime by focusing the right techniques of exercises .We believe fitness is the key for the healthy life.

Mr. Kumar is a physical therapist:

Done Bpt in Vijay institute of medical sciences Vijayawada. Having clinical experience of 7 years.worked with inter university athletes as well as participated in all India inter university athletics.has worked with athletes as well as hand ball state players in Vijayawada. Did diploma in pharmacy and in yogic sciences.worked as a therapist in agri gold gym in Vijayawada two years.worked as a consultant physical therapist in apoorva multi speciality hospital.deeksha multi speciality hospitals.Touche Fitness Expert

Here is what Students says about him:

Kamal Kumar Bhagi:
  • The amazing story of transformation …

    I started playing golf sometime around mid of 2012, and after certain period of time felt that my body would not move the way it was being required for certain type of swings etc. plus the handicap was not improving in-spite of regular practice.

    Like a number of us I have never been an individual who would do regular exercise/walk/run. Around early 2014 I decided to see if Gym at Touche could help me in improving my physical skills to play a better golf.

    It has now been more than one year and I have not looked back. Though it took a very dedicated effort (thrice a week) – one hour in the morning. Here I would like to give huge credit to Mr. Kumar, his focused training plan really worked well holistically.

    What I like best is that Kumar ensures – all parts of the body are strengthened in a systematic way (e.g. upper body, Core, Legs, Cardio etc.). There is minimal use of machines (a number of us would like this aspect also).

    Now coming to what all has improved for me – Shoulder strength, Core, Stability, capacity to balance different positions and many more. All these are showing good results on my golf game.

    One more very unique thing happened – I have started jogging long distance for last six to eight months. When I started - I could run only just 500 Meters and would pant for breath, now I can jog for more than 15 KM.

    Over all I am very happy with the way I am being trained by Kumar and going to fitness center in Touche has helped me. Here I would also like to praise Jackson , his knowledge of human body and its muscles, guidance and motivation goes a long way in making the environment very conducive for learning and training.

Lata Shivanna:
  • I Have been continuously attending the sessions. I'm very impressed the way the Instructors conduct the sessions, the training style & their guidance at every stage. The training as been very helpful in fitness development, posture correction & body awareness. It as helped me apply these training techniques in my game & could see the improvement in my game. I look forward for the same support further. .
  • Kumar is an exceptionally good Therapist. Has worked wonders on the back pain problem,I had approached him with. Very hard working and inspiring Instructor. He has in depth knowledge about his work and is very approach able.