"Play Golf India" - "Now Every One can LEARN & PLAY Golf"


The 'Play Golf India' program of 'Touché Golf School (TGS)' aims to make a paradigm shift in the way the game has been taught and promoted in the country thus far. A big step towards this effort lies in the means and accessibility to the training facilities and 9-hole Golf Course at the school thereby eliminating the need for someone to be a member of any golf club or be a descendant of a golfing family to learn this game.

Play Golf India is targeted towards professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, students, senior citizens and anyone who has ever had the desire to learn this beautiful sport.

For the beginner or newcomer to the sport, we have tailored an entire Golf Start Up kit that includes a complete set of accessories such as a Golf Bag, Golf Shoes, Sleeve of Golf Balls, T Shirt, Glove and Cap in addition to the 12 club golf set & a Beginners 10 Lesson Golf Instruction Program spread over 40 weekdays program, at an unbelievable price of Rs. 23,000 (OR) a Beginners 10 Lesson Golf Instruction Program spread over 60 weekends program, at an unbelievable price of Rs. 25,000

Beginners aside, all current golfers can access the Touché Golf School as a Public Practice Facility where they can practice on natural turf, every aspect of their game all for a nominal fee of Rs. 250 per day or Rs. 2500 a month.


The Golf School has a 360 degree holistic approach to teaching the game. Understanding that Golfers need to hone in on much more than just the physical aspect of the game, the school not only has a renowned faculty to teach the various aspects of the golf swing, but also boasts nutritionists, mind trainers, fitness trainers, yoga teachers and a sports psychologist.

A healthy diet is essential to a healthy being which is why we have a fully equipped cafeteria which meets the highest hygiene standards and serves healthy and tasty food.

Aware of the great influence that golf has on the corporate world, the Touche Golf School has a designated Corporate area with an Amphitheatre allowing for corporate trainings, offsite meetings and team outings, besides being able to host golf clinics for more than 100 people at a time.Touche Golf School Enroll

Come LEARN, ENHANCE, ENJOY and be enriched by the fastest growing sport in the world at the Touché Golf School.