Students about Touché Golf School (TGS)

"My name is Rathis and i am from Srilanka, My Eldest son, Thejas started playing golf from an early age of 4, he's 6 now. Me and my wife wanted to stop taking my son for golf classes cause of the coaching standards that was available to us in srilanka, untill we heard about Touche.We first came to Touche in april for 10 days and we saw a major change in his game. We were so happy with what we saw at touche that my wife decided to come back and this time we came back for a month. My wife stayed back with my son for month and she got to see him play everyday. On the other hand i didnt get ot see him play and was skeptical about leaving them in bangalore for a month. I returned to bangalore after a month and i got to see him play after a long time. And to tell you the truth, that was one of the happiest day of my life. In the month he achieved what i taught was not possible and my wife who wanted him to quit was encouraging him to keep going. All this was because of his coach George and the facilities provided by Touche. He is due to play the tournament at prestige next week and all this is due to month he spend at Touche."

My heartfelt thanks to you and everyone at Touche. We would definitely recommend Touche to anyone who wants to learn the game in a professional manner.

- Mr. Rathish Kanth    

"This is to state that my Coach Kitri, with the help of Trackman, have brought down my Handicap from 16, to 11, in a matter of 4 months. I have also been named as one of the Most improved Golfer in . All the credit should go to my coach Kitri, without his help, guidance and assistance from Trackman, this would have not been possible. Thank you Kitri"

- Mr. Ram Kumar    

"Trackman has allowed me to be less mechanical with my swing. The Combine test is one of the best measures of performance and has really helped me with my yardages."

- Karan Taunk    

"Arif is a pretty good coach and is very friendly. He teaches well with a lot of feel and knows how to teach each club in the bag."

"Touche golf is a great academy for all ranges of players from beginners to professionals. Give you a lot of training as it provides all facilities and course conditions."

- Shreya G.S   

Bamby, I would like to congratulate you on the work you have done with vashisht. I played with him this morning after many years and he is shaping out into a fantastic golfer. It was a sheer pleasure watching him make his way aroud the golf course. Good to know that someone is coming out of Coimbatore who im sure will be contending with the best very soon. All the very best!

- JJ Chakola   

I visited the Touch� Golf Academy in April this year. I had come to take a few lessons from Bamby Sir. It was an awesome experience. I liked the way Bamby Sir taught me and i felt he was a great teacher. After my lessons were over, I decided to train under him permanently. The next time i came to the Academy was in june for 2 weeks. This time Bamby sir and i worked on a few more things on my swing to make it better. I also regularly went to the gym where Vinod Sir helped me a lot. Since i have joined Touch� i have won the Western India Amateur Championship , finished 4th in the 111th Malaysian Amateur Championship and regained the #1 ranking on the National Amateur Circuit. I would like to thank the whole Touch� team for helping me improve and become a better player.

-Karan Taunk   

Now at Touch� Golf School, I have a perfect platform to train and work forwards my goals. I have made tremendous improvement in my fitness, thanks to the fitness team at Touch� who work with my coach on areas that need improvement. This as a player to me gives a lot of confidence and assurance that I am working and progressing in the right direction.
I am thankful to everybody at Touch� for setting up such an amazing facility and giving people like me a realistic opportunity to achieve our dreams.

-ARAVIND. K .G    

I started golf 2 years ago at Mangalore. Playing golf really wasn't my main priority until I joined Touch� at Bangalore. Joining touch� was the best decision I made for golf. The academy is amazing. It has all the elements which can build all the aspects of a golfer. My coach Mr. Bamby Randhawa is a really great mentor and helps me a lot at the game. Touch� Golf School is definitely the best school in India.

-Aaron Mendonca   

I started golf about 7years ago. I have been with Babmy Randhawa sir ever since. His way of teaching is very good and I enjoy all the things he makes me do. The company at Touch� is really nice, I enjoy working at the gym with Vinod sir and Jackson sir. My game has really improved after joining at Touch�. Bamby sir finds our week points and he will make you work only on that till you are confident about it. The other day, my 100yard shots were not good so he made me hit about 700balls to 100yards. Only with my PW and 9 iron over 3days that has really helped me now and I enjoy training with him and the others at Touch�.

-Vrushank Balu   

If there is anything better than learning at Touch� then its golf itself. A wonderful experience for my daughter, a great place and a wonderful gentleman in Mr. Bamby Randhawa. A great guru who connects well with his students. I will be back. Thanks for everything. My daughter is truly on the right path in right hands here,

-Lt. Col. Piyush Chandra.    

My name is Shravan Desai, I am from Zambia in Africa, I found out about Touch� through the internet. When I came to Touch� I started training with one of the coaches at Touch� Golf School, and I must say he is the best coach I have had. They have very good training facilities at Touch� Golf School. I have enjoyed training at Touch�. The gym is very good and have international gym trainers and make you work hard for your fitness. Touch� is the best academy in India, I have had great experience here.
Thanks Touch�.

-Shravan Desai    

I started golf at the age of 12 under a local coach in my city. Then searched about Touch� on internet. I found out it is the best academy in India. When I came here I understood what actual goal is. I want to became a international playing pro. I am under Touch� Golf School. Working with them has been a great experience he has get to a different level and now we are working to on another level. Event the fitness coaches have been good. I would like to thank Touch� for all the facilities.

-Varun Parikh    

I started golf when I was 8. When I started mainstream golf seriously at 9 years. At that time I started training under Mr. Bamby Randhawa and he is according to me, one of a kind. He provides his own experience when explaining to me and he is very patient. At the same time I came under Touch� golf and I became South India no.1 and all India top 10. I really got an understanding of golf and its facets such as physiotherapy, nutrition, fitness under Touch�. It is according to me the best academy in India. I would like to thank my coach and he is the best.

-Prateek Nagaprasad    

I'm Harshith. I started playing golf for about 7years ago. I'm getting coached by Bamby sir for last 4years. I am feeling very lucky to get a coach like him. After getting coached by Babmy sir, I won many South Zone tournaments and once I came 3rd in IGU tournament. I like Bamby sir way of coaching and how he interacts with us. Though I come for coaching one or two days in a month, during this short period he identifies my mistakes and correct me to do in the correct way. Though my parents support my interest, without Bamby sir it is not possible for me to sustain in golf. I also thank Touch� for providing all facilities for training. My thanks all goes to all staff members for their dedicated service.

-Harshith B    

I am Chelsea, from Mangalore. I started playing golf about 2 years ago when Touch� was in BGC, which is now shifted to Yelahanka. I didn't have much idea about golf before I joined touch� and started training under Mr. Bamby Randhawa sir. To find a coach like Bamby sir is really, really difficult. I must say, I am lucky to have a coach like bamby sir.
Joining Touch� and training under Bamby sir was my best decision. Training under Bamby sir is really great experience, that too when Touch� as an academy gives a whole lot of facilities, where one can practice their long game, short game, bunker play, putting and a tuff training golf course.
Well, recently, when I shifted to Bangalore after my 10th for serious golfing, I was a little plump, so Bamby sir advised me to join the fitness class to reduce body weight, get strong to increase my love of the game. That's how I joined fitness class where Jackson sir and Vinod sir helped me in getting fit for life. As we all know "Health is Wealth". And to my surprise within a months' time I lost 2kg.
I'm happy to have Touch� as my academy and Bamby sir is happy with my progress.

-Chelsea D'silva    

I started golf two years back that is in 2011. I learnt to play golf in Touch� itself. It's got the best golfing facilities in India. I first started training under Raheem sir within four months I was able to hit the ball really well. Now I am under a senior coach at Touch� Golf School and my game has improved a lot. Touch� has the best coached and fitness coached. They have got international fitness trainers. I have always enjoyed playing golf in Touch�. This is best golf school ever.

-Tanvi Hubli.    

I started golf when I was studying 7th grade. I started with a coach named Murthy in Coimbatore. I won my first tournament in pune on Nov 19th 2009. Later I shifted to coach Bamby sir in Touch� Golf School Pvt. Ltd. He turned me into a better golfer and I respect him a lot. My aim is to became a professional golfer. I won the Albatross southern qualifier on 21st June 2013. My goal is to become India's number one golfer before I finish my 12th. I am being trained in Touch�. They also supported me. Kumar sir always supported me throughout my game. Waiting to reach my goal.

-Sanjana A.    

I started this game which is played between the 2 years back which is when I was in 5th grade. My coach in Touch� was got me in the right track. He showed me many pro golfers, how they play, they think, check lines etc.. This coaching is one of the best.

-Shravanthi. Suraj    

TGS Students in Tournaments


A Category

  • Boys
    • 3rd Place - Pratheek Nagaprasad
    • 6th Place - Nandan Rao
  • Girls
    • 2nd Place - Tanvi Hubli

B Category

  • Boys
    • 7th Place - Yathaarth jamwal

C Category

  • Boys
    • 4th Place - Ruhaan.N.Bajaj
    • 5th Place - Neeraj Shetty
    • 8th Place - Krishang Nayak
    • 8th Place - Anish N Sastry
  • Girls
    • 2nd Place - Prakruthi N Sastry
    • 5th Place - Vivana Amrolia

D Category

  • Boys
    • 3rd Place - Vishnu Arya Suraj
    • 4th Place - Ahaan.N.Bajaj
  • Girls
    • 1st Place - Anushka Borkar
    • 2nd Place - Swanti Paruthi
    • 4th Place - Saanvi V Reddy

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    • Winner - Vashista Pawar



Under 17 Years

  • Boys
    • Winner - Vrushank Balu
  • Girls
    • Winner - Tanvi Hubli

Under 14 Years

  • Boys
    • Winner - Anish Sastry
    • Runner Up - Krishang Nayak

Under 10 Years

  • Boys
    • Runner Up - Siddarth Paruthi
  • Girls
    • Winner - Saanvi Reddy


At Coimbatore

  • A Category (Boys)
    • Winner - Aaron Mendonca
    • 1st Runner Up - Harshat B
  • C Category (Girls)
    • 1st Runner Up - Prakruthi N Sastry
  • D Category (Girls)
    • 2nd Runner Up - Anushka Borkar

At Ooty

  • C Category (Girls)
    • Winner - Prakruthi N Sastry
    • 1st Runner Up - Shravanthi Suraj

At Coorg

  • C Category (Boys)
    • 2nd Runner Up - Ruhaan Bajaj
  • C Category (Girls)
    • Winner - Shravanthi Suraj
    • 1st Runner Up - Prakurthi N Sastry
  • D Category (Girls)
    • Winner - Anushka Borkar
  • E Category (Boys)
    • 2nd Runner Up - Aaryan Kandala

At Mysore

  • A Category (Boys)
    • Winner - Vrushank Balu
  • C Category (Boys)
    • 1st Runner Up - Anish N Sastry
  • C Category (Girls)
    • Winner - Shravanthi Suraj
    • 2nd Runner Up - Prakruthi N Sastry
  • D Category (Girls)
    • Winner Overall - Anushka Borkar
  • E Category (Boys)
    • 1st Runner Up - Siddarth Paruthi


  • B Category (Boys)
    • 2nd Runnerup - Pratheek Nagaprasad


  • B Category (Girls)
    • 2nd Runnerup - Ananya Dattar


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  • Positions
    • Pratheek Nagaprasad - Winner
    • Neeraj Sheety - Winner
    • Krishang Nayak - 2nd Runnerup
    • Rayaan Anwar - 1st Runnerup
    • Visnu Suraj - 2nd Runnerup

TOUR - 2013

  • A Category (Boys)
    • 1st Place - Vrushank Balu
    • 2nd Place - Aaron Mendonca
    • 3rd Place - Harshat B
  • B Category (Boys)
    • 1st Place - Gagan Vinod G

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  • D Category (Boys)
    • 2nd Place - Ruhaan Bajaj
    • 2nd Place - Neeraj Shetty
    • 6th Place - Krishang Nayak

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Karan Taunk(Touché) produced another good round to lead India 'B' to victory and also emerge as the individual winner of the two-day Strokeplay event of the Tata Steel 113th Amateur Golf Championship of India being played at the Par-70 Bombay Presidency Golf Club here on Wednesday. Karan who submitted a card of 3-under 67 for a 36-hole total of 131,

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Shubham Jaglan emerged as the best player in Boys D Category with a two-day total of 164 with Krishang Nayak(Touché) finishing second at 180. Mandaar Prashar was third at 181.

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